The Household Hack and Cheats 2013

The HouseHold

The Household Facebook Hack Tool and Cheats Download

Get now our 100% working The Household Hack Tool that lets you get unlimited gems, coins, food, wood, and energy in just a click. Download the The Household Facebook Cheats and Hack Tool and be the best Household player ever. Get the best possible garden, orchard, animals, buildings, decorations, food and efficiency boosters in the game with this The Household Hack.



The Household Hack and Cheats 2013

What is The Household?

The Household is a Facebook game where you need to develop your own site, harvest crops, and tend to your livestock. Eventually, the game lets you start a family, where you can find a spouse and have kids. Household features a wide variety of apparels to customize your game avatar, special promos, exclusive quests, rewards for completing asks, and a neighborhood based game system. Start from a humble barn and basic crops and turn it into a true household with plants, animals, mills, stables, family, and friends.

The Household Hack and Cheats 2013

The Household Hack and Cheats Tool

The Household Hack and Cheats 2013

Name: The Household Cheat 2013

Size: 5.32 MB

Price: Free for Limited Time

Total Downloads: 12,982

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The Household Hack Tool and Cheats Features:

  • The Household Gems Hack
  • The Household Coins Hack
  • The Household Food Hack
  • The Household Wood Hack
  • The Household Energy Hack
  • The Household Cheats
  • Auto Facebook Connect (No Need Facebook Password )
  • Works on ALL internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari)
  • OS : Windows & Mac
  • Undetectable (100% GUARANTEED).


How to Use

The Household Facebook Cheats and Hack Tool Instructions

1. Login with your Facebook account.
2. Start the The Household Facebook Hack and Cheats Tool. (No need to download Cheat Engine, already binded with the Hack Tool)
3. Start the The Household Facebook game app.
4. Select the Hack Tool and use Auto connect on Facebook, or click connect with Facebook to manually connect.
5. Edit the values.
6. Tun on aim bot if needed.
7. Click on Start Hack.
8. Visit RestaurantCity Facebook game app.

Updated and working as of:

Download the The Household Facebook Hack and Cheats Tool 2012

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STEP 2 : Download

The Household Hack and Cheats 2013


The Household Hack and Cheats 2013

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The Household Facebook FAQ and Game Guide

Is there any gift for me upon returning to the game after a long time away? A gift of 25 gems and a Tabasco sauce is available for you at once as a bonus for returning into the game after having been away for 7 days or more.

How do I change the appearance and the name of my character? You can alter the appearance (clothes, features, hair, etc.), as well as his/her name. – appearance: click on your character and select the “Appearance” tab that pops up next; now you’re free to do whatever you want. – name: click on your character and select the “Appearance” tab that pops up next; you’ll see a “Name” type-bar, where you can write the name you prefer and save the changes. NOTE: All the actions regarding the character’s appearance must be performed outside of the fullscreen mode.

How do I start a family? In order to introduce the second character to the game (the “spouse” – a husband or a wife), you must complete the following tasks: The Love Letter (5 parts) and the Wedding Hurly-Burly (5 parts). These tasks will be brought out to you as you move along the game-play, completing other earlier tasks that lead on to starting a family. These tasks come up non-regardless of your character’s level in the game – there is a certain set order for them.

How do I have kids? Once you’ve got a spouse, you will shortly see the birth of your first child. In order to achieve this, you must also complete the Preparing For Birth task (5 parts). Later on you will have another child, too, – this task is called New Family Arrival (5 parts).

How do I get my family to help me with the site? If you want your relatives to help you with the chores (and who doesn’t?), click on your character and select the “Help” option by ticking off a box next to it. Similarly, if you no longer want their help – untick the box.

What should I do if one of the family members gets lost? If one of your relatives got lost, click on any character that’s still around and select the “Gather up” option. The whole family will surround the character you had clicked on.

How do I top up my energy? 1. By visiting neighbours (you receive 1 fire unit and 1 energy unit for the first 20 neighbours you visit on any particular day); 2. By purchasing food in the market in return for food units (you can see how many you have at any given time on a tab at the top of the screen) 3. By collecting the energy bonuses that are generated when you harvest, feed the animals, or exchange the pear and/or the pepper collection; 4. 10 gifts per day from your friends (these are 10 pancake portions that go to your inventory once you accept the gifts via your Mail Box); 5. The energy is fully replenished every time a player reaches a new level. 6. By purchasing energy-boosting items for gems, such as: The Ale – it tops you up to the full + it increases your current maximum energy limit by 1 unit*. The Tabasco sauce – you receive double your current energy limit*. *The energy is replenished for the moment – it does not increase permanently. You can always find out what your maximum available energy level is by mousing over the energy bar.

How can I increase my maximum energy limit permanently? 1. Go on to the next level: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50. 2. Then the increase occurs every new 10 levels; 3. You get 3 energy units when you land yourself a spouse; 4. Each child brings a permanent increase to the maximum energy of 1 unit; 5. Every time you buy Vodka (for gems), its “consumption” increases your maximum energy by 1 unit – permanently.

What do I get for visiting the game regularly? You are eligible for a bonus once a day. Once the game has loaded, you will see a starting screen with a “bonus cycle” that will indicate what you’ve received today and what you will get for returning tomorrow. The bonus becomes more and more valuable each day. You will get 1 gem for visiting the game 7 days in a row! If you haven’t been to the game for at least a full day, the bonus accumulation annuls and will start over whenever you visit again.

What bonus do I get for visiting my neighbours? You can receive a bonus every day for the first 20 distinct neighbour visits that you pay on any given day. You will receive 1 fire unit and 1 energy unit for each visit. Any number of visits that you make after the first 20 will not render any bonus.

What bonuses can I get from my friends’ news feed? You can get a bonus for a redirect from a post on a personal page (the Wall, the News feed, etc.); if you reach a new level, complete a task, or exchange a collection, you can post a note of that in your feed. Should any of your friends open this announcement, each will be entitled to a bonus in the game. You can earn up to 30 bonuses per day in this manner. The bonus is valid for 24 hours once the announcement has been posted. You can only receive the bonus from the announcement of the person who is your friend. It is often a good way to find a missing element for some collection you haven’t completed.

Can I get a bonus for inviting a friend to the game? You will get a bonus for inviting a friend on one condition: this friend has to install the application and begin playing via your announcement specifically. Your friend should also get to at least level 2 of the game, otherwise the bonus will not be validated!

How can I help my neighbours? You can complete up to 5 operations a day on every neighbour’s site – that is, you get 5 energy units to use at the neighbour’s site (you do not have to use all of them, and this does not affect your own energy level). The “shovel” icon under the neighbour’s avatar indicates that you have not helped this neighbour on his/her site just yet today.

How do I accept my neighbours’ help? In order to accept help from your neighbour, mouse over his/her avatar hovering above his character and click “Accept”. You can also click any of the yellow-highlighted elements on your site and choose to either accept or refuse the neighbour’s help.

How do I ask for help with reviving the crops? If you enter the game and see that your crops have withered, click on it – you’ll see a message pop up asking you if you “want some help, or you’ll manage? “. When you click on the withered crops on your site, you are given the choice to opt in for: “Help needed!” and “I’ll manage!”. If you choose to manage on your own, you’ll just have to remove the withered plants, for which you will not receive any profit; if you ask for help, there will be an entry posted in your news feed implying you’re in need of help, and your friends will (hopefully) come and revive the crops in response to your plea. Once they’ve lent you a hand, you can harvest the revived crops.

How do I get building materials and/or items needed to complete tasks from my neighbours? In order to get some building materials and/or an item that is necessary to complete a particular task, click on the “Ask for 1″ key. Your request for help will go out to your neighbours straight away. Each single request can only be fulfilled by 1 neighbour. You can always thank your neighbour for the help – in order to do that, open the “Requests” tab of the Mail box and click “Thanks”. You can send 1 request per hour. If you have been away from the game for at least 5 hours, you can send 2 requests at once. If you’ve been away for 12 hours, you will be granted 3 requests at once. And those who haven’t logged in for at least a day get to shout out all the 4 requests.

Why can I not see all of my friends who play the Household in the neighbours tab? The neighbours tab only shows the top-ranking 500 friends (that is, ranking by the level).

How can I make a gift to my neighbour(s)? The game allows you to make small, but nice gifts to your neighbours. In order to do that, all you need to do is click on the gift-box icon that appears among the tasks every day. It is not necessary to post a note on your Wall in order for the gifts to go out. 1. Pancakes. You can send one portion of pancakes to your friends every day. 2. Borsch. You can treat your friends to some hot borsch only once – after you’ve completed the wedding quest or the baby arrival quest.

How do I accept gifts? If you want to accept a gift, open the “Gifts” tab in your Mail box, select the gift(s) you like and click “Accept”. You can accept up to 10 gifts per day. It makes sense to accept all the incoming gifts at once, as they go straight into your inventory after that. If you do not claim your gifts, they expire and disappear in 24 hours – however, they will free up the room for the 10 new gifts.

Where can I find the reward for completing a quest? The gifts that are rewards for completing quests can always be found in your inventory.

What do I do if the task seems to ignore the elements I’m collecting as part of it? Bluebonnets, lilies-of-the-valley, pear sweets, goat milk, potatoes, jam, and any other collection elements that any given task requires you to collect, will only count as “collected” if you find them all together and store them, not exchanging them for collections. Once you’ve completed the appropriate part of the task, you can exchange as many full collections as you want for rewards. What ever you exchange prior to completing the task will not count. Make sure you pay attention to the conditions the task sets you. If it states that you have to find and/or complete an element/a collection, then any previously found/collected items will not count towards completing the task!

What do I do in order to receive a timed task? You can only receive such a task once you have completed all the 5 parts of the “Building a Henhouse” task. You will receive the reward for the task if you complete it on time. And you can always find this reward, whatever it is, in your inventory.

What if my neighbour visits do not get accounted for? If you received a task along the lines of “ask your neighbours for help with building a mill”, “invite your neighbours over for some soup”, “collect 10 fire units”, etc., but you seem to get no account for doing so, it means that you have already visited the first 20 “bonus-bearing” neighbours this day, and these are the only neighbours that count in such tasks. You can come back the next day and visit them again, this time earning the bonus, as well as contributing to completing the task.

What if I’ve run out of tasks? If you’ve completed all the possible tasks that the game can offer at the moment – do not despair! You won’t be bored for too long, as the Household developers are constantly adding new quests to the game-play! Just wait for a bit – use this time to take care of your site and help your neighbours!

How do I collect the barn, the mill, the home, and the other collections? When you harvest the crops, feed the animals, collect profits from the buildings, cut the trees, and clean up your site, you will occasionally receive collection elements – they are generated as a result of all the aforementioned actions. They are generated randomly. If you cannot get hold of some particular element of the collection for a long time – you are either looking for it in the wrong place, or it is plain bad luck. All the collections are named in accordance with the means of completing them – so the names relate to the buildings, animals and plants, interacting with which can generate appropriate elements. For example: the barn collection can be completed by collecting profits from the barn, the cherry collection is a result of picking cherries from the trees, the forester’s collection is generated by cutting down trees, the garden collection builds up when you harvest crops in the garden, the cattle collection is made up by collecting profits from the cowshed, the cattle breeder collection is a result of feeding all the animals and birds, and so on. If you want to find a cookie, grow some wheat; if you are looking for ketchup – plant tomatoes; and the arrow tip can be found by removing the thicket (grass, stones, branches), etc. Mousing-over any collection brings up a small pop-up, which lets you know where the elements of this collection can be found. A word of advice: do not forget that you can leave a post on your Wall about a successful exchange of a collection, and your neighbours will be able to use such announcement to get a bonus in the game!

Where do the beasts come from? All these moles, boars, foxes, bears, wolves, and inspectors? Moles – these appear when you’re harvesting the crops. Boars – these appear when you’re removing grass, stones, branches, wild flowers, and bones. Foxes – these appear when you’re feeding poultry. Bears – these appear when you’re cutting down the trees. Wolves – these appears when you’re feeding animals. Inspector – he comes over when you’re reaping the fern plants* * You need to unlock the FERN seeds in order to plant any; this can only be done at the expense of a few GEMS.

The boar wouldn’t come, what do I do? 1. You have to remove the thicket that builds up on your site several times in a row. 2. The grass won’t grow unless there is space – do not overbuild and make sure you leave some room. 3. The longer you take your time returning to the game, the more thicket there will be. 4. There is a higher likelihood that the boar will appear when you are removing bones, stones, and branches. Yet it would certainly not appear within the first 4-5 removing actions; therefore, it makes sense to start with flowers and grass – and move on to bones, stones and branched afterwards. 5. The thicket does not appear in the nearest proximity of man-built objects.

How do I construct buildings in the game? You will receive tasks on building most of the structures throughout the game.* * A Manor can only be put up after you unlock it by paying up a few gems. Other structures, which had been built as part of special one-off tasks that are always timed (the Greenhouse, the Carpenter’s Workshop, the Lovers’ Alcove etc.), will only become generally available in the market later (to buy irregardless of the task), or they never will.

How do I construct a building before I receive a task requesting me to do so? If you want to build something before you receive an appropriate task, you can unlock the desired structure for gems. You will still have to complete the requests once the task comes up, but the part of the task which refers to the actual building process will already be marked as “done” from the start.

How do I get building materials? You will need additional materials for any building, you can get them from you friends by using the “Ask” option, buying them for gems, and producing them yourself by using an appropriate “Craft”. * If you are building 2 structures at once, bear in mind that all the materials received from your neighbours will go towards completing the structure that you had started building the earliest.

What is a craft? Once you complete a building, you will be able to regularly collect profits from it, as well as use its facilities for crafting certain objects, different for every building. If you are lacking items to apply the craft to, exchange appropriate collections and receive the items as rewards. All the items you produce are stored in you inventory. Items you may craft in your buildings: Barn: Bricks, Boards Henhouse: Golden egg, Fried eggs Mill: Flour, Bran House: Pies, Paint Kitchen: Gingerbread with jam, Lunch Sauna: Ale Forge: Nails Stables: Certificate, Horse NOTE THAT the Cowshed and the Manor do not entail any particular craft, you can only collect profits from these buildings. Buildings that make certain items available for purchase: Carpenter’s Workshop (here you can buy fancy fences and gates) Greenhouse (here you can buy berry-yielding bushes) Mason’s House (here you can buy stone decorations and paving road-tiles) Flower Stall (here you can buy various flowers) Ice Hut (here you can buy figures made of ice and use them to decorate your site)

How do I know that the animal has grown up? Every animal has 3 stages of growth, and they are visually distinct. When you look at the animal in the market, it is depicted as an adult. When you mouse over the animal grazing on your site, you will see a floating tab next to it indicating the stage of its growth.

What do I do once the animal becomes an adult? You can sell an adult animal for coins, or you can continue feeding it and receive coins for each feeding as a reward, as well as experience points and – every now and then – the collection elements (mouse over the animal in the market display and see all the information about what that particular creature yields). You can only sell an adult animal. If the animal has not grown up yet, you can only “remove” it from your site!

How do I sell an animal? Say, you want to sell an animal. Find the “Actions” tab on the panel of the main menu, select the “coins” option and mouse over the animal you want to sell. This selling procedure is perfectly applicable to any other object on the site, as long as could be sold at all (thus, you cannot sell your wife – sorry!). You will first see a dialogue box, asking if you really want to sell the item. The box will indicate your gains from the transaction – and this is where you can still change your mind and decide not to sell.

How do I keep my personal data secure? Never share your account details for the website with anyone. The Household administration will NEVER ask you to share your username and/or password. Do not open suspicious external links and do not run suspicious files. Ignore all the messages from any user requesting you to send him/her your account details. Your account security is in your own hands. Take care of it.

Download The Household Facebook Hack Tools and Cheats now.

Play The Household with this The Household Hack and Cheats Tool, and you’ll have the best garden, orchard, animals, buildings, decorations, food, and efficiency boosters in no time. Get free unlimited gems, coins, food, wood and energy. Be the best player in The Household Facebook using this The Household Hack tool.


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